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CouponsPlus(+) FAQ: Does this replace your current service? No, this is just another tool for saving you money. If you try multiple discounts and coupons this is for you!

CouponsPlus(+) FAQ: What are the benefits? CouponsPlus(+) should help you save time and money on your rentals, in many cases above and beyond what we already save you.

CouponsPlus(+) FAQ: Why CouponsPlus(+)? We are always looking at ways to save you money on car rental. We believe this tool will help you do that in a significant way.

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Car Rental Savers provide car rental coupons and car rental discounts for numerous car rental agencies and car rental locations. We have built these car rental discounts and car rental coupons into our booking engine to save you time and money on your next car rental.

Car Rental Savers also provide cheap car rental for specific destinations including location specific discounts for Orlando car rental, Las Vegas car rental, Florida car rental, Hawaii car rental and Europe car rental. These destination discounts can provide a savings of up to 75% on base rates during peak periods.