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Car Rental Destinations Tips:

Car Rental Savers offers a wide range of car rental destination discounts based on where you are going. Each destination page contains discounts hand picked for your specific destination. To get the best of these discounts follow our tips:

  • Discounts are built into the booking engine so you do not need copy and paste codes.
  • Destination specials tend to be best when prices are high.
  • Compare rates on discount and destination pages to get the best deal.
  • Book as soon as you know your dates then check back. Rates change all the time.
  • These discounts do not need printouts unless stated.

Europe Car Rental Discounts:

You can find many European car rental discounts but most of them are for Western Europe.

Florida Car Rental Discounts:

We provide several Florida discounts that are good for all locations in Florida. They are especially good for peak rental periods.

Hawaii Car Rental Discounts:

Most of our Hawaii discounts are fixed rate codes but there are some percentage off options.

Las Vegas Car Rental Discounts:

Save money on your next Las Vegas rental. We sometimes have Las Vegas specific codes that we include.

Orlando Car Rental Discounts:

Orlando discounts may be similar to the Florida discounts but you might check both.

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Destination Specials: How do I use the discounts mentioned? Go to the specific destinations page and enter your information in smart book. Destination discounts are integrated into our booking engine. Still having trouble try our booking service.

Destination Specials: Do I need a printout? Most car rental discounts no longer need to be printed out. We provide links if needed or you can request from us.

Destination Specials: Learn about car rental. There are a lot of insider secrets to car rental. Check out our Car Rental FAQs for more details.

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Car Rental Savers provide car rental coupons and car rental discounts for numerous car rental agencies and car rental locations. We have built these car rental discounts and car rental coupons into our booking engine to save you time and money on your next car rental.

Car Rental Savers also provide cheap car rental for specific destinations including location specific discounts for Orlando car rental, Las Vegas car rental, Florida car rental, Hawaii car rental and Europe car rental. These destination discounts can provide a savings of up to 75% on base rates during peak periods.