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  • Discounts may be blacked out during holiday periods.

Note: These codes may provide higher rates during non peak rental periods but can provide significant discounts during peak or average booking periods.

Alamo Hawaii Car Rental Discounts:

NEW! Alamo Discount, up to 15% off plus $25 off your next weekly rental! Use Hawaii Smart Book for up to 15% off your next Alamo rental in Hawaii.

Enterprise Hawaii Car Rental Discounts:

Get fixed rates in Hawaii using this great Enterprise code. Use Enterprise coupon code TG36016.

Avis Hawaii Car Rental Discounts:

Use Avis worldwide discount code H020580 for great rates on your next Hawaii rental.

Budget Hawaii Car Rental Discounts:

Use Budget coupon discount X797736 for the best budget rates in Hawaii. No minimum rental required.

Thrifty Hawaii Car Rental Discounts:

Use Thrifty coupon discount HT14004118 for discounted Hawaii car rental.

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Hawaii Car Rental Tips: How do I use the codes mentioned? To use Hawaii car rental discounts just enter your location, times and dates into Hawaii Smart Book. Discounts will be automatically applied if they are valid for your dates.

Hawaii Car Rental Tips: Who can use these codes? These are publicly available codes that have appeared on various Hawaii discount sites.

Hawaii Car Rental Tips: Learn about car rental. There are a lot of insider secrets to car rental. Check out our Car Rental FAQs for more details.

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