Local Car Rental Discounts

Take advantage of our off airport discounts!

These discounts are good for off airport rentals, neighborhood rentals and other local car rentals. You can compare car rentals by address, street intersection or by place of interest. You can also compare one way rentals although all discounts may not apply.

NEW! Try Smart Book - our local booking engine! Change 'pick up car at' to check rates at an address or a place of interest.

How it works:
  • Enter your location and dates and we will compare car rental agencies with discounts included.
  • We have already included the local discounts for you so you can easily compare rates.
  • Click on your rate to book. No credit card to book and free to cancel or modify at anytime.
  • When you find you deal, easily add coupons by clicking change search options twice from rate screen.

Note: When you add coupons they are included in total price not weekly rate.

Enterprise Car Rental discount code using Local Smart Book:

Get 5% off your next neighborhood rental from Enterprise.

Hertz Car Rental discount code using Local Smart Book:

Get up to 20% off your next Hertz neighborhood rental plus an additional up to $30 ($5/day) off weekly. Use Hertz CDP Code 1813168 from Car and Truck Magazine and coupon code 107785. Valid for pickup by 8/31/16.

Avis Car Rental discount code using Local Smart Book:

Get up to 35% off your next Avis neighborhood rental plus $25 off weekly (mid Size and above). Use Avis AWD H876505 and coupon code MUWA169 through 7/31/16.

Budget Car Rental discount code using Local Smart Book:

Get up to 35% off your next Budget neighborhood rental plus $25 off weekly. Use Budget BCD D420002, vaild for pickup by 12/31/16.

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Local Car Rental FAQ: How do I book at a Place of Interest? Select place of interest from the first drop down in Smart Book. Enter the place name eg. Disney World, then select the state.

Local Car Rental FAQ: Do I need to purchase insurance? It depends - Do you already have auto insurance or a major credit card? If so, you are most likely covered. For more info on insurance check out our detailed FAQs.

Local Car Rental FAQ: How do I find out where the agency location is? At the top of the search comparison there is a link with a distance below the agency name. Click this to bring up a map of the location.

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