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Rate comparison vs Hotwire and Expedia

Notes: We reviewed rates (total price including all taxes and fees) at 20 top car rental airport locations. Rates were reviewed on January 22nd between 4.00pm EST and 6.00pm EST. Rates are for the cheapest available vehicle with a national car rental company. Rates are for the dates February 18th-25th picking up and dropping off at 12 noon. Rates for came from the home page Smart booking engine except for Florida locations that used the Florida discount page. Cheaper rates may have been available on other Smart booking pages.

Airport CarRentalSavers Hotwire Expedia
Atlanta (ATL) $167.17 $207.54 $281.86
Boston (BOS) $176.38 $168.26 $196.02
Chicago (ORD) $150.47 $164.23 $175.07
Dallas (DFW) $219.33 $229.24 $246.75
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) $282.67 * $347.18 $745.90
Fort Myers (RSW) $263.19 * $450.91 $588.30
Houston (IAH) $270.18 $247.51 $308.68
Jacksonville (JAX) $260.57 * $371.07 $558.17
Las Vegas (LAS) $207.13 $217.46 $237.86
Los Angeles (LAX) $255.97 $217.98 $299.23
Miami (MIA) $285.48 * $543.84 $723.07
Minneapolis (MSP) $218.49 $220.59 $253.04
Newark (EWR) $226.10 $231.89 $302.47
New York (JFK) $228.42 $230.71 $399.24
Orlando (MCO) $267.44 * $352.41 $352.41
Pebble Beach (PBI) $256.97 * $471.00 $707.51
Phoenix (PHX) $285.00 $346.46 $510.31
San Diego (SAN) $172.98 $146.49 $181.57
San Francisco (SFO) $125.73 $144.51 $144.51
Tampa (TPA) $256.85 * $449.95 $464.73
* These rates came from the Florida discounts Smart Book.

On average was 10% cheaper than Hotwire and 30% cheaper than Expedia.

Note: Rates are subject to change - this study is just a comparison of rates at one point in time. At a different point in time rates will be different and average price differences may vary.

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