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  • Enter your location and dates and we will search using car rental discounts and car rental coupons at your location.
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Car Rental Support Tips:

Car Rental Savers offers support on all rentals made through our website. If you have a problem we will do our best to solve it. To get the best car rental experience follow our tips:

  • Always have a copy of your reservation handy.
  • Review your contract and vehicle carefully before leaving the lot.
  • Try to resolve any issues at the rental location. Speak to a manger if needed.
  • Resolve issues as soon as possible.
  • Let us know if you had issues, we want our renters to have the best expereince possible.

Last Minute Booking Service:

Having trouble finding a great deal. Try our booking service within two weeks of rental. It only costs $5 and we will refund you if we don't find you an improved rate.

Car Rental FAQs:

Everything you wanted to know about general car rental - if it is not in there ask us.

Car Rental Resources:

Useful resources to assist you with your next car rental including agency phone numbers, tips and airport code lookup tools.

Contact Us:

Let us know if you have an issue, need assistance, have a great coupon to share etc. We are here to help.

Reservation Help:

A resource to assist you with any booking made via Smart Book. Answers to commonly asked questions and more.

Reservation Lookup:

Find your Smart Book reservation using your trip ID and email address. Here you can print a copy, forward to a friend, make a change or cancel.

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Car Rental Support: What is the best way to contact you? Contact us via email using our contact us form. We will respond ASAP.

Car Rental Support: What is the one best way to avoid car rental issues? Most car rentals do not have issues. Review your contract and vehicle carefully before leaving the lot.

Car Rental Support: Learn about car rental. There are a lot of insider secrets to car rental. Check out our Car Rental FAQs for more details.

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Car Rental Savers provide car rental coupons and car rental discounts for numerous car rental agencies and car rental locations. We have built these car rental discounts and car rental coupons into our booking engine to save you time and money on your next car rental.

Car Rental Savers also provide cheap car rental for specific destinations including location specific discounts for Orlando car rental, Las Vegas car rental, Florida car rental, Hawaii car rental and Europe car rental. These destination discounts can provide a savings of up to 75% on base rates during peak periods.